Exercising Your Creativity

As the summer winds down and we all get back into our routines, I would like to turn everyone’s mind toward creating.  No matter what we make as woodturners and artists, isn't it the act of creating that gives us pleasure and keeps us searching to learn new ways to make stuff and to refine our craft?This is what pushes me to learn new styles and techniques to be a better woodturner/artist.  I find it to be a fascinating journey with plenty of bumps in the road--- you’d think I would be better at this by now.  The part I like the most is the community in which we create.  The freedom with which knowledge is passed throughout this woodturning community is astounding.  This is the reason Bucks  Woodturners exists. 

Nearly thirty years ago, a handful of men were so moved by woodturning, that they felt they needed to share it with anyone that would listen.  For those years, this club has had, as its members, some of the best woodturners in the world.  However, it is not their talent that has made this club thrive this long. It has been their willingness to share their passion for creating with the rest of us that has allowed this success.  For this I thank all those BWT members that have been so selfless in helping the rest of us on our journey, and creating Bucks Woodturners for us to enjoy.

Our mission at BWT is to educate and share woodturning.  Recently, we have had some great demonstrations, Stephen Hogbin, Beth Ireland, Liam O’Neill, Neil Turner, Andy DiPietro, Mike Kehs, Kurt Herzog, Mark Gardner, Alan and Lauren Zenreich, Nick Agar, and Sharon Doughtie to name a few.  Some of these demonstrators have also given all day workshops.  Many of our own woodturners have welcomed members into their shops for our intimate Hands on Workshops.  We have seen many of the pieces that you have created from these inspirations. 

All of these events do a tremendous job in enhancing the education of our membership. The Executive Committee has been planning the schedule for the upcoming year, and we have plenty of opportunities to learn and share and be challenged.  None of this comes cheaply. Our intention is to be able to offer a lineup of events of the same caliber we are accustomed to.  We have been fortunate in the past that a good portion of the cost for these events were able to be covered by monies in BWT’s savings account.  Going forward, we need to be able to pay for these events from revenue.  We will need to be creative in how we can earn this revenue and will need everyone’s participation in doing so.

I want to thank everyone that attended the picnic in July.  It was a great event to be able to socialize in a relaxing way and get to know each other a little bit better and involve our spouses.  We will be having a second annual picnic, so look for it next July.  We will also be incorporating some new events this year involving education, challenges, community outreach, mentoring, and membership recruitment.  I am really looking forward to this upcoming year and seeing what you have been creating.