Miriam Carpenter Makes a Feather

It was an amazing show! Miriam Carpenter gave us a detailed look into how she makes her fantastic feathers. When you first learn these feathers are made of wood and realize how delicate they are, you are very impressed. When you see what goes into their making, the inspiration, the planning, and the execution, you are blown away. There is so much attention to detail, carver or not, experienced wood artist or not, her work is incredible.

Miriam shared with us her inspiration, the consideration of wood and grain structure, and the tools and techniques she uses to make these feathers. Depending on the feather, these literal feather-weights represent days and weeks of patient, thoughtful labor. It was impressive to see just how they came to life.

But first we were treated to Mark Sfirri's Old School New School show in the Hicks Art Gallery. Mark introduced Miriam and her wide range of artistic endeavor. In the slide show below, take a look at her split turning frame, a sculptural display, Origins, and her amazing Azek wood cut, Unfurlings. To see even more of her work, check out her recent article in Cleaver Magazine. We have an excerpt in our blog with links to the full article and slide shows. 

Great presentation and amazing art, Miriam. Thank you!