Dick Veitch Demonstrates a Wet-Wood Tubular Sculpture and Eccentric Box

This demonstration was an opportunity that came along at the last minute. Thanks to the hospitality of Matt Overton and Michael Kehs, Dick had a nice place to rest his head and a beautiful shop to demonstrate in. About 10 members took advantage of the event.

Dick comes to the states from New Zealand to do bird conservancy work each year.  This year he was able to combine that work with the Symposium in Pittsburgh, but needed a place to stay between venues. That's where Matt's hospitality came in, and since Dick was here, well the brainstorm to do a demonstration was a natural outcome.  Dick started out with how he makes the natural edge tubes shown below and then finished up with the box with the eccentric lid.

Come back in a few days to see the details of how he made both items. There were some clever steps that I think you will enjoy...