Bucks Woodturners and the Village Renaissance Faire 2015

Bucks Woodturners participated in the Village Renaissance Faire on September 19 and 20th. The Faire provided an opportunity for members to display and sell their work, and interact with the  community to show what wood turning is all about.

Matt would like to thank all the turners who helped make this event happen, and those artists outside of turning who also participated: Karen Goeller, Maxine Ernst, Mike Kehs, Nate Favors, Dave Lyle, Sean Kain, Sue Shelly, Joyce McCullough, Derek Weidman, Carol and Mark Hall, Bob Collins, Nancy Rourke,  Bob Crowe, Linford Sine, Matt Overton, Ed Ryan, and Tom Gall.

Thanks to Al McCarty we have a great set of photographs of our wood turners and their work.  Here are some of the turners:

Here is some of their work: