Bucks County Community College Spring 2016 Woodworking Classes

BCCC is located in Newtown PA, close to I-95 and about a 35-minute drive from center city Philadelphia.  The woodshop is a well-equipped 4000 square foot facility.

We offer a one-year Furniture and Cabinetmaking certificate program and a two-year Associates Degree granting Fine Woodworking Transfer program.


A number of courses are offered for both full time and part time students.

Consult the college website for program requirements.

If you have any questions about any of the offerings and registration please visit our website www.bucks.edu or call: Art Area Office at 215-968-8425


Spring 2016 OFFERINGS

VAFW100.N01                      Fine Wood Fundamentals                   Mon. 1-5:30

VAFW138.N02                      Table Systems                                         Tues. 1:30-6PM

VAFW136.N82                      Bending and Veneering                        Tues. 6-10:30PM

VAFW181.N83                       Woodturning II                                        Wed. 6-10:30PM

VAFW100.N06                      Fine Wood Fundamentals                   Sat. 10AM-2:30PM

VAFW190.E59                       History of American Furniture           Online


Classes start Wednesday January 20, 2016


Residents of Philadelphia, Delaware, and Montgomery counties can take classes in the Fine Woodworking Program at in-county rates if you establish Fine Woodworking as your Program of Study (your major). Additionally BCCC has an agreement with Mercer County, New Jersey for students to take classes at in state (not in-county) rates.  Waiver forms are available in the art office and must filled out every semester that the student is registering for courses.