Call for Symposium Volunteers from Dave Dudney AAW Symposium Liaison

Dear Fellow AAW Presidents,

I am writing this email as a request to help volunteer with the AAW International  Woodturning Show Pittsburgh which is from June 24th -28th, 2015 located at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center. 

As you are probably aware, this show is expecting to be a largely attended event and therefore I am seeking any additional help that anyone from your local club would be willing to give their time and help if they are going to be attending the show.  As you can see from the AAW Website, the list of demonstrators and events is going to be a fun filled and pack filled time for all of those attending.  Please see the PowerPoint presentation regarding the 2015 Symposium that explains the times and areas that we need help with.  I would ask that you please review the following Power Point Presentation and feel free to present it at one of your next club meetings.

1.)  Packet Stuffing Volunteers--Contact is Dennis Snider --Lead Volunteer
2.)  Registration Volunteers--Contact is Dennis Snider-- Lead Volunteer
3.)  AAW Product Sales Volunteers---Contact is Linda Ferber--- Lead Volunteer
4.) Video & Video Set---Key to making the event successful-- Contact is Joe Rostas & Pat Griffin are Lead Volunteers
5.)  Instant Gallery Volunteers  Contact is Salli & Dave Betler are Lead Volunteers
6.) Exhibition Gallery Requirements---Riley Stensland is Lead Volunteer
7.)  Youth Equipment & Training to teach the young people how to turn Volunteers--Rick Paterni is Lead Volunteer
8.)  Equipment Committee/Tool Room Volunteers---Gene Swartzlander & Dave Weiss are Lead Volunteers
9.)  Grinder Set-up/Tear Down Volunteers---Gene Swartzlander & Dave Weiss are Lead Volunteers
10.)  Wood for the Youth and the Demonstrators--Extremely Critical to make this a success--Jim Finley is Lead Volunteer

I would also like to request that if could we please have at least 10 turned bowls and 15 pens if at all possible from your group for the show so that we can have enough to sell for the back to the community program by next May.  Your participation and cooperation regarding this donation is extremely appreciated by any amount that you can donate; no quantity is too small as all donations would be greatly received and accepted!!!!

Please note that whatever time that people can donate would be greatly appreciated as we will need able bodied volunteers.  I cannot stress enough that this would be a team effort by all of the local Pittsburgh and other surrounding AAW area woodturning groups to make this a successful event!!!  Please review this with your group and let me know your thoughts as I would need a commitment from your club  by the end of April so that I can ensure that we have enough volunteers for this event.  If you do have anyone that is interested in volunteering, please send me an email along with the volunteer's name, email address, phone number , and what positon that they would be interested in helping out with.  I really appreciate your time and consideration in reviewing this information and please don't hesitate to call me at 724-331-3696 if you have any questions about these positions that I can go over with you and I thank you in advance for considering these volunteer positons.

Thanks so much, 
Dave  Dudney

AAW Symposium Liaison