AAW Chapter Bulletin - January 2015

Chapter Bulletin - January 2015

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January 5, 2015

Dear Ward:


The AAW Chapter Bulletin is an official source of information from the home office. Published monthly, this bulletin is intended to inform and assist chapter officers on matters relating directly to their roles as chapter officers. Additionally, the bulletin is intended to be a source of pertinent woodturning information that may be of interest to EVERY member of your club, regardless of whether or not they are AAW members.

We encourage each chapter to designate a chapter information & communications officer to:

UPDATE: 2015 Chapter Insurance

The published information about the insurance programs available through the AAW has been updated for 2015 on the AAW website. This includes information about individual AAW member insurance, as well as insurance policies that separately insure chapters as individual organizational entities.


AAW Member General Liability Insurance

  • As a benefit of AAW membership, all members in good standing are insured for activities undertaken on behalf of the AAW and while performing official business of any AAW affiliated chapter.

AAW Chapter General Liability Insurance

  • Chapters as unique organizational entities may also require the protection available through a commercial general liability insurance policy. As a practical matter, a chapter that hosts meetings, demonstrations, and other activities within space that is owned by others may be required to furnish proof of general liability insurance. Programs available through AAW satisfy this requirement.

Canadian Plan

  • NEW FOR 2015, a third insurance program has been added, available only to chapters in Canada. This insurance is offered in cooperation with the Society of Canadian Woodworkers. The policy is underwritten by Everest Insurance Company of Canada and offers chapter general liability, property damage coverage, and directors and officer’s liability insurance.

View/Download the 2015 AAW Insurance Fact Sheet


NOW ONLINE: New Best Practices

  • Chapter Loyalty Survey– A model for how your chapter can survey members to effectively attract new members and retain existing members

COMING SOON: January Issue of Woodturning FUNdamentals

Woodturning FUNdamentals is published every other month (alternating with issues of the American Woodturner). This digital, members-only publication offers useful resources for learning the basic skills and techniques of woodturning. Here’s a preview of what you’ll see in the January 2015 issue of Woodturning FUNdamentals:


Pen Turning: So you want to be a pen turner! Kurt Hertzog


Two-Piece Candle Holder, Nick Cook
Giving tippe tops to kids of all ages is FUN! Neal Brand & John Solberg


In Defense of One Chuck Body, Mark Palma
Safety: Fire in the Shop, Dave Milano
How do you learn? John Giem
Spiff Up Your Lathe with Turned Grips, Bob Hadley

Shop Tips

Down & Dirty Log Cradle, Wayne Kuhn
Drilling a Hole in the Top of a Cylinder, John Anderson & Dan Schmoker
Fingernail-Grind Jig, John Kaner
Paste Wax on Pen Bushing, Jon Spelbring


Using a Waste Block for More Efficient Use of Wood, Vince Wilson
Using a Morse Taper Collet in the Tailstock, Alan Zenreich
Using a Drawbar with a Morse Taper Drive, Alan Zenreich





NEW: Instructional Resource

The AAW has published a new instructional resource entitled, Pen Manufacture Enterprise, A Teacher’s Guide by Kip W. Christensen, PhD, Technology and Engineering Education at Brigham Young University. Complete with safety materials, this 31-page teacher’s guide was adapted from a manufacturing unit Kip teaches as part of a technology education course in manufacturing materials and processes.

Pen making is a win-win for students and instructors alike. Students enjoy making pens because they are fun to turn and are a useful product. Teachers like teaching pen making because it is an inexpensive activity that gives students several meaningful educational experiences in a short period of time. As part of a unit on manufacturing, pen making allows students to use several different machines (band saw, sander, drill press, lathe, power hand drill), and processes (cutting, sanding, drilling, turning, finishing). In addition, students can use a variety of materials (typically various woods, plastics, or polymer/wood composites), and do simple assembly.

The new guide is available to AAW members free as a digital download.



NEW BOOK: Getting Started in Woodturning

The AAW’s newest book, Getting Started in Woodturning, features 224 pages of shop-tested insights and detailed practical advice a beginner needs for a great start in woodturning, including:

·         Buying and aligning your first lathe

·         Safety practices for dust collection, face shields, and the shop

·         Techniques for sharpening and using your turning tools

·         18 skill-building projects for bowls, pens, holiday ornaments, doorknobs, and more.

Getting Started in Woodturning includes elements of AAW’s booklets: Safety for Woodturners, Lathes and Turning Tools, Practical Woodturning Projects, Learning at the Lathe, and more – neatly rolled into one book.

Order today! $18.95 until February 16, 2015


UPDATE/ORDER TODAY: 2015 Resource Directory

The AAW’s Resource Directory is a valuable tool that enables members of the AAW community to connect with each other. The online directory is available 24/7 at woodturner.org. A hardcopy of the Resource Directory is printed every two years and the next printing is scheduled for early 2015.

Update Member Information by February 28

  • To ensure that your member information is up-to-date in the printed directory, please log in to your AAW member profile and review and edit your member information by February 28, 2015. All members current as of this date will be included (unless they have elected not to be).

Order Directory by February 28

Features of the 2015 Resource Directory:

  • Member contact information
  • Chapter contact information
  • Woodturning business resources
  • Woodturning demonstrator information



We were pleased to announce the 28 winners of the 2015 scholarships to John C. Campbell Folk School and Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts. These scholarships are made possible through the investment earnings in the AAW Endowment Trust Fund. Using our endowment earnings to give members world-class learning opportunities illustrates the enduring benefits possible by reinvesting funds donated by our members.

John C. Campbell Folk School Scholarship Recipients

·         Brett Corrier, Tennessee Association of Woodturning

·         Jeanne Douphrate, Alamo Woodturners Association

·         Brian Effinger, Finger Lakes Woodturners Association

·         Arnold Geiger, Alaska Woodturners Association, Inc.

·         George Geissler, Lehigh Valley Woodturners

·         James Gerus, North Florida Woodturners Association

·         Mike Phillips, Southern Arizona Woodturning Association

·         John Puckhaber, Atlantic Shore Woodturners

·         Marshall Reagan, Apple Ridge Woodturners

·         Brian Saunders, San Diego Woodturners, Inc.

·         Steve Schmitt, Lockport Woodworkers

·         James Stone, ArkLaTex Woodturners

·         Dean Sword, Tidewater Turners

·         Joe Zadareky, Capital Area Woodturners


Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Scholarship Recipients

·         Sally Ault, San Diego Woodturners, Inc.

·         Tim Aley, Mid-Maryland Woodturners Club

·         William Engels, Carolina Mountain Woodturners

·         Gerald Jensen, BayLake Woodturners

·         Carlos Kennedy, Carolina Mountain Woodturners

·         Sharon Kissling, Wilmington Area Woodturners Association

·         Ken Lobo, Chesapeake Woodturners

·         Bill Long, Montgomery County Woodturners

·         Hartford Manning, Simcoe Woodturners Guild

·         Steve Mellott, Georgia Association of Woodturners

·         Mike Oglesby, South Plains Wood Turners

·         Matt Radtke, Montgomery County Woodturners

·         Carey Reed, Southern Arizona Woodturning Association

·         Bill Weber, Ohio Valley Woodturners Guild

The AAW is excited for the enriching experiences that lie ahead for each of the scholarship recipients. We are grateful to the Arrowmont and Campbell schools for their financial support of this initiative. We want to thank participating chapters for their overwhelmingly positive expressions of support for our educational mission.


A complete roster of demonstrators for the 2015 AAW International Symposium in Pittsburgh is now available. The Pittsburgh symposium website at is the official source for symposium details and “Early Bird” registration is open through May 22.

Featured Demonstrators

·         Mark Baker

·         Stuart Batty

·         Jerry Bennett

·         Michael Brolly

·         Christian Burchard

·         Nick Cook

·         David Ellsworth

·         Lyle Jamieson

·         Steve Kennard

·         Craig Kirks

·         Alain Mailland

·         JoHannes Michelsen

·         Pascal Oudet

·         Joey Richardson

·         Avelino Samuel

·         Mark St. Leger

Artist Showcase

·         Helga Winter

·         Kristin LeVier


Selected Demonstrators

·         Richard (Rick) Angus

·         Jack Brown

·         Kip Christensen

·         Jason Clark

·         Barbara Dill

·         Cindy Drozda

·         Dick Gerard

·         Ashley Harwood

·         Stephen Hatcher

·         Jerry Kermode

·         Hubert Landri

·         Janice Levi

·         David Lindow

·         Ted Sokolowski

·         Jason Swanson

·         Neil Turner

·         Molly Winton

·         Tim Yoder



OPPORTUNITIES: Are your a teacher or instructor?

·         Woodturning: This competition, presented by the AAW and featured at AWFS® Fair, is open to high school or post-secondary students who are at least part-time students in a woodworking or related program. Projects may not be larger than 20″ in diameter. No furniture will be accepted. There is NO fee for entry. Entry deadline is May 1, 2015. Learn more.

·         Woodworking: Register your school for the AWFS 2015 Fresh Wood student woodworking competition. The competition is open to high school and post-secondary students in accredited woodworking or related programs. The entry deadline is May 1, 2015, and there is NO fee for entry. Learn more.


Wishing you a happy and healthy 2015!

Yours respectfully,



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