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April Bucks Woodturners Meeting

Three Demonstrations Lined-Up for April's Meeting

Our April 20th meeting has an interesting and different lineup- three unique "shorts" (~20 minute demonstrations).  We've scheduled Barry Gross to explain his wood stabilization chamber- the one that uses Cactus Juice! This "juice" is a professional grade heat cured resin for stabilizing and hardening wood and other porous material. Barry says it is especially effective on beautiful, punky, or spalted woods that would otherwise be too soft to work with. Barry's also going to demonstrate making a bangle with a seamless metal core. Barry's  Arizona Silhouette company sells both stainless steel and copper cores that can be used with a wood blank or your own wood.    

Then Bill Rynone will show us an easy to use program he developed to automatically determine the spacing of spindles on a Windsor chair or pickets along a fence. Sounds easy, until you actually do it.  Bill is an Electrical Engineer, has taught at the US Naval Academy and Johns Hopkins University, and authored numerous publications on electronics and aviation. If you'd like a preview of what he'll be doing, take a look at this link. Bill suggests bringing along a simple calculator if you like following along. 

Here's the excel document Bill designed, and a graphic of spindle placement that can be calculated. We'll have some handouts at the meeting so you can follow along.