New Website, New Newsletter

What's up with all the changes? I guess it started from my own frustrations with a website I had and the chore of updating it because I lacked the expertise. I saw the same with our old website I figured it was time for something different. I was also unhappy with the newsletter- managing content to fill 7 pages only to get to a 2.5 by 3 inch picture that pitifully represented the hours spent making a piece.  

All of this got me to think about what might better serve the club, me, and the prospect of one day handing this job off to someone else. Here's what I was looking to do in no particular order:

  • link a simple newsletter to a website that would facilitate easy additions of high quality pictures and information,  
  • have that website be the place for news and information- a place members could go anytime and truly interact -a place to grab and leave information, while the newsletter would be a periodic reminder to check it out,
  • create a showcase for the talent that resides in Bucks that might better serve us to attract new members and fulfill our mission of advocating and educating about the craft of turning,
  • create the potential for interaction with the likes of Facebook and Twitter so  new information could flow easily to where members want it.

So I've turned to programs to manage the website and newsletter.  The first is pretty cheap and the second is free. They rely on canned templates which limit graphic design, but make it easy to get going. So far so good. 

I'm focused on content and flow of information right now, so I've been populating the site with various containers (pages, blogs, galleries, indices, etc.) and filling those with information. My immediate tasks ahead are to populate the Members Gallery, Tips and Other Resources Page, including Turning Safety, and put some past events and photos in.

In the future it would nice to:

  • acknowledge past members, honorary members and get some history documented
  • get the library offerings up to date
  • get content alerts through Facebook and Twitter
  • have more of the stuff you want.

This is the time to call for some help. I'm looking for folks who are interested in making the site better with more content, so I'm looking for:

  • photographers interested in documenting the meeting and events
  • writers who would like to blog on various aspects of turning
  • reporters interested in covering the events that include turning
  • makers who want to share their work on the site through the members gallery
  • and ideas that would be the site and experience better.

Regarding the makers bullet point, if you want pictures of your work for the website, bring that work to the next show and tell.  It will be that easy!  

Use the comment box if you have ideas you'd like to share or the Contact Us page to email me directly.