Joe Seltzer Chosen as CWA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient for 2014

by  Dave Long

It is hard to know if Joe Seltzer really has the largest wood art collection in the world. There may be a very private someone, someplace who owns more than 900 pieces. Seltzer does, however, have the largest collection in the most compact display space in the world.
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All of his work is neatly displayed in two plus rooms in his suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania home. "A few pieces are larger than six inches high, but almost everything is six inches or smaller," said Seltzer. "That's the size of work I began to buy when I started collecting and I continue to look for."

Seltzer's nearly 30 years of collecting, along with numerous contributions to the founding and continued success of the Collectors of Wood Art, has earned him the organization's 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award. He is the 14th winner of the award, which will be presented when the organization gathers at SOFA Chicago in early November.  

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Joe is in good company, Here's a list of the recipients of this prestigious award:

CWA Awards


Each year CWA awards a Lifetime Achievement Award to deserving individuals that have made meaningful contributions to the field. 

1998-- Bob Stocksdale, artist
1999-- Rude Osolnik, artist
2000-- Michael Monroe, curator
2001-- Jan Peters and Ray Leier, del Mano Gallery
2002-- David Ellsworth, artist
2003-- Albert LeCoff, founder Wood Turning Center
2005-- Edward Jacobson, collector
2006-- William Hunter, artist
2008-- Robyn Horn, artist and collector
2009-- Arthur and Jane Mason, collectors
2010-- Stoney Lamar, artist
2011-- David and Ruth Waterbury, collectors
2012-- Mark Sfirri, artist